BallBag Token Crypto Coin

Our $BALLBAG Is Changing...

...for the better!

What's Happening?
We are switching Ballbag to a better contract with better tokenomics including reflections from every transaction to holders, taxes for marketing and charity and liquidity tax to stabilise the price for longevity.

What Does This Mean For Me?
Trading has temporarily ceased while we upgrade the contract, but you don't need to do anything!

All holders will be airdropped their tokens from the new contract so you don’t need to worry about what’s in your wallet now, just ignore it and await the new tokens!

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Whilst our change is a good one, changes in your own scrotum might not be!

If you notice any lumps, bumps or mysterious changes in your own crown jewels, get your balls checked by a medical professional!

We're all about mens health and spreading awareness so do yourself a favor and check ya nuts!